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pyOpt was originally written by Ruben Perez, and Peter Jansen with the help and encouragement of many others.

The pyOpt authors graciously thank all those who have made contributions to the pyOpt development in the form of code contributions, bug reports (and fixes), documentation, and input on design, features, and desired functionality.

Special thanks to the following contributors who have made valuable contributions (roughly in order of first contribution by date)

  • Dr. Joaquim Martins provided the initial wrapping interface to SNOPT 6, as well as encouraged, provided ideas, and supported the authors during the genesis of the framework development, and has tirelessly promote the use of pyOpt
  • Sandy Mader helped in the implementation of the NLPQL and CONMIN wrappers, provided a method to use SNOPT with MPI enabled analyses, tested the integrated optimizers on high-fidelity optimization problems, and reported usability feedback
  • Chris Marriage provided an updated wrapping interface to the SNOPT 7 version, and reported usability feedback
  • Andrew Lambe provided a basic wrapping interfaces to MMA and GCMMA, suggested a callback storage support for optimizers with separate objective/constraint and gradient functions, and reported usability feedback on both the framework and the website
  • Steve Choi added examples from the Schittkowski test problems for nonlinear optimization, and reported usability feedback
  • Gaetan Kenway suggested the grouping/ungrouping of design variables, contributed a proof of concept for an history saving scheme, and reported usability feedback
  • Benjamin Chalovich developed the setup build functionality to automate the wrapper compilation of optimizers and developed the initial setup install functionality
  • Kenneth Moore (NASA) provided an interface between pyOpt and the openMDAO framework, tested the installation functionality including installation on a VirtualEnv, reported usability feedback and provided thread-safe changes for the SLSQP optimizer.
  • Daniel Rudmin proofread and edited the documentation.
  • Dr. Martin Schlueter provided a redistributed version of the MIDACO optimization code.
  • Dr. K.A. Weinman (DLR) provided updated __init__ files to fix circular dependencies in the code.
  • Mueen Nawaz, (Intel) provided a bug-fixing update for the SLSQP optimizer.
  • Simon Rudolph (Technische Universitat Munchen) provided a bug-fixing update NLPQLP optimizer.
  • Oliver Schmitt <> provided via Andrew Lambe installation procedures for the code under OpenSUSE systems.
  • Herbert Schilling provided improvements to support unconstrained optimization problems for SNOPT, CONMIN and COBYLA.