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NSGA2 - Non Sorting Genetic Algorithm II

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MIDACO - Mixed Integer Distributed Ant Colony Optimization

ALHSO - Augmented Lagrangian Harmony Search Optimizer

This code is an extension of the harmony search optimizer [Geem2001] that handles constraints using an augmented Lagrange multiplier approach similar to that implemented in ALPSO. [LICENSE]

class pyALHSO.ALHSO(pll_type=None, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: pyOpt.pyOpt_optimizer.Optimizer

ALHSO Optimizer Class - Inherited from Optimizer Abstract Class

ALHSO Optimizer Class Initialization

Keyword arguments:

  • pll_type -> STR: Parallel Implementation (None, ‘POA’-Parallel Objective Analysis), Default = None

Documentation last updated: Feb. 16, 2010 - Peter W. Jansen

__solve__(opt_problem={}, store_sol=True, disp_opts=False, store_hst=False, hot_start=False, *args, **kwargs)

Run Optimizer (Optimize Routine)

Keyword arguments:

  • opt_problem -> INST: Optimization instance
  • store_sol -> BOOL: Store solution in Optimization class flag, Default = True
  • disp_opts -> BOOL: Flag to display options in solution text, Default = False
  • store_hst -> BOOL/STR: Flag/filename to store optimization history, Default = False
  • hot_start -> BOOL/STR: Flag/filename to read optimization history, Default = False

Additional arguments and keyword arguments are passed to the objective function call.

Documentation last updated: February. 17, 2011 - Peter W. Jansen

Optimizer Options

Name Type Default Value Notes
hms int 5 Memory Size [1,50]
hmcr float 0.95 Probability rate of choosing from memory [0.7,0.99]
par float 0.65 Pitch adjustment rate [0.1,0.99]
dbw int 2000 Variable Bandwidth Quantization
maxoutiter int 2e3 Maximum Number of Outer Loop Iterations (Major Iterations)
maxinniter int 2e2 Maximum Number of Inner Loop Iterations (Minor Iterations)
stopcriteria int 1 Stopping Criteria Flag
stopiters int 10 Consecutively Number of Outer Iterations for convergence
etol float 1e-6 Absolute Tolerance for Equality constraints
itol float 1e-6 Absolute Tolerance for Inequality constraints
atol float 1e-6 Absolute Tolerance for Objective Function
rtol float 1e-6 Relative Tolerance for Objective Function
prtoutiter int 0 Number of Iterations Before Print Outer Loop Information
prtinniter int 0 Number of Iterations Before Print Inner Loop Information
xinit int 0 Initial Position Flag (0 - no position, 1 - position given)
rinit float 1.0 Initial Penalty Factor
fileout int 1 Flag to Turn On Output to filename
filename str ‘ALHSO.out’ Output File Name
seed float 0 Random Number Seed (0 - Auto-Seed based on time clock)
scaling int 1 Design Variables Scaling (0- no scaling, 1- scaling [-1,1])