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GCMMA - Globally Convergent Method of Moving Asymptotes

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MMFD - Modified Method of Feasible Directions

CONMIN - CONstrained function MINimization

This optimizer implements the method of feasible directions. CONMIN solves the nonlinear programming problem by moving from one feasible point to an improved one by choosing at each iteration a feasible direction and step size that improves the objective function. [Vanderplaats1973] [LICENSE]

class pyCONMIN.CONMIN(pll_type=None, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: pyOpt.pyOpt_optimizer.Optimizer

CONMIN Optimizer Class - Inherited from Optimizer Abstract Class

CONMIN Optimizer Class Initialization

Keyword arguments:

  • pll_type -> STR: Parallel Implementation (None, ‘POA’-Parallel Objective Analysis), Default = None

Documentation last updated: Feb. 16, 2010 - Peter W. Jansen

__solve__(opt_problem={}, sens_type='FD', store_sol=True, store_hst=False, hot_start=False, disp_opts=False, sens_mode='', sens_step={}, *args, **kwargs)

Run Optimizer (Optimize Routine)

Keyword arguments:

  • opt_problem -> INST: Optimization instance
  • sens_type -> STR/FUNC: Gradient type, Default = ‘FD’
  • store_sol -> BOOL: Store solution in Optimization class flag, Default = True
  • disp_opts -> BOOL: Flag to display options in solution text, Default = False
  • store_hst -> BOOL/STR: Flag/filename to store optimization history, Default = False
  • hot_start -> BOOL/STR: Flag/filename to read optimization history, Default = False
  • sens_mode -> STR: Flag for parallel gradient calculation, Default = ‘’
  • sens_step -> FLOAT: Sensitivity setp size, Default = {} [corresponds to 1e-6 (FD), 1e-20(CS)]

Additional arguments and keyword arguments are passed to the objective function call

Documentation last updated: February. 2, 2011 - Ruben E. Perez

Optimizer Options

Name Type Default Value Notes
ITMAX int 1e4 Maximum Number of Iterations
DELFUN float 1e-6 Objective Relative Tolerance
DABFUN float 1e-6 Objective Absolute Tolerance
ITRM int 2  
NFEASCT int 20  
IPRINT int 2 Print Control (0 - None, 1 - Final, 2,3,4,5 - Debug)
IOUT int 6 Output Unit Number
IFILE str ‘CONMIN.out’ Output File Name